Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator Review

Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator

Key features

There are many choices in the marketplace if you want to purchase a 12v digital tire inflator. Few of those are as well-designed as the Slime 40022 12-Volt Tire Inflator. It’s a great product that is easy to store in your car so you always have a means to inflate tires and other inflatable items at a moment’s notice.

This digital air compressor can inflate standard size car tires in just under 6 minutes. That is impressive for a unit that is as compact and lightweight as this model car plugin compressor.

The best thing about the Slime 40022 compact inflator is how simple it is to operate. You just set the desired PSI for the tire or another item you are inflating and the machine does the rest. It even shuts itself off once the desired pressure has been reached.

After researching this product it is easy to see why people rave about it so much on customer reviews. It’s clearly one of the best tire inflators that you will find in the auto products marketplace.


  • Preset desired PSI
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Just 6 minutes and tires are inflated
  • 12 foot total reach


  • Max inflation pressure of 25 PSI
  • Need to change your car cigarette lighter fuse
  • Operating instructions can use improvement

Summing This Product Up

If you’re in the market for a 12-volt air compressor, this model will definitely make you happy. It is very easy to use and will inflate anything from a standard size car tire down to a bicycle tire or ball.

The way it does many functions automatically is what really sets this unit apart from other similar models. It has a long enough cord to reach any tire on a standard size vehicle too.

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