NEW Quiet 1/6 hp Master Airbrush Tank Compressor Review


Key features

With a plethora of airbrush compressors out on the market, it doesn’t hurt to know what users are saying about a certain product. Other than that, you’ll also need to know that it doesn’t need much horsepower compared to the regular air compressors. That is why the product is sufficiently powered by a mere 1/6 HP. It has a decent capacity of 3L airbrush tank, and can handle up to 60 PSI. It also is designed to perform at only 59 dB, which is reasonably quiet.


  • Its small design and light weight makes it conveniently portable
  • Has a 2-year warranty, ensuring the product’s reliability and quality
  • Unlike most airbrush compressors, its claim of low noise output is actually true


  • There are those who unfortunately received a defective product, which rarely occurs by the way
  • It is not as durable as most wanted it to be. Thankfully, it has a long 2-year warranty.

What Do Customers Say in Reviews

With over hundreds of customer reviews and majority of it are positive, we can safely assume that it is indeed a quiet air compressor for airbrush activities. It is highly praised for its quiet operation and its reasonable price. There is also a ‘How To’ training guide included in the package which can be very helpful for beginners. Not all have the same good experience unfortunately; some received a leaking product, and some ranted about its durability.


If you’re looking for a silent portable air compressor, the Master Airbrush Tank Compressor is a competitor you shouldn’t miss out on. It may not have the best of reviews from its users, but its 2-year warranty should make up for it. Not to mention, it is manufactured by a well-known company called TCP Global which specializes in airbrush.

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