EPAuto 12V DC Digital Tire Inflator and Air Compressor Pump

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

Key features

EPAuto has designed a really nice digital tire inflator with this item. It is a little heavier duty than most portable 12v air compressor pump models you will find but it is still very affordable nonetheless. Once we started looking at this product it was easy to see why it was so highly rated in customer reviews.

This is one powerful little tire inflating machine. It can handle inflating tires all the way up to 100 PSI. That means you can fill anything from wheelbarrow tires to light-duty trucks with it. The digital display it has is easy to read and provides you with a lot of information while you are filling your tires.

Despite how solidly built this unit is it still weighs less than 4 pounds. That makes it extremely portable to say the least. It is also mounted on a sturdy base that prevents it from easily turning over during use.

There is a very bright LED light that is built into the end of this portable air compressor pump. It serves as both a work light and as an emergency safety light. This is one of the digital tire inflators that also come with a convenient carry bag for storing the unit when not in use.


  • Easy to read/Informative digital display
  • Auto shutoff feature avoids overinflating
  • Protective storage and carry bag
  • Handle inflation of tires up to 100 PSI


  • On/Off switch in an odd location
  • Protective storage bag is nice but a tight squeeze to put the unit in

Summing This Product Up

There definitely was a lot to like about this air compressor. It is built solid and is very simple to use thanks to its soft touch buttons and digital display. The 100 PSI inflation capability it has makes it a very versatile plugin car tire inflator. It takes up a little room in the trunk but it still is very light and stores in the protective bag that comes with it. We think this is a portable air compressor that is definitely worth considering buying if you are in the market for one.

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