Eagle EA-2000 Silent Series Air Compressor Review

Eagle EA-2000 Silent Series 2000 Air Compressor

Key features

Most air compressors have been known to be infamously loud. Eagle EA-2000 however, is not like most air compressors. It is designed to operate at a low noise volume while being able to provide a .75 HP at 1 CFM from a 100 PSI and up to 125 PSI max. This mini model has a decent capacity of 1 gallon and is designed with a double piston pump, oil-free.


  • The compressor consumes low amp which significantly improves its life expectancy by 4x the average
  • Super quiet as acknowledged by the majority of first-hand users
  • It operates on an oil-free double piston


  • Needs at least 15 minutes runtime to break in for a much better and quiet performance
  • The 1-gallon tank may hinder bigger projects
  • Not an easy lift with its weight of 27 pounds

What Do Costumers Say in Reviews

Not surprisingly, it has very positive customer reviews with a 94% approval rating. Aside from having an impressive durability, it is working as intended with no issues. But what most people appreciate is its noise output. Almost all of its reviews likely contain how impressed they are with its silent operation. However, like many other air compressors, there are a few minor complaints. To be fair, if you haven’t secured connections, the device is bound to have a leak. Overall, users highly recommend this air tool.


Eagle EA-2000 is one of the best small quiet air compressors out on the market hands down. Although you might want to think twice as it only has a 1-gallon tank and is not really that powerful with its 3/4 HP. But other than that, this model works great and is super quiet.

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