DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Air Compressor Review

DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor

Key features

  • The D55140 is an oil-free compressor
  • It has a decibel rating of 71dB
  • It measures 24 lbs in weight
  • This model has a width of 9 inches
  • It has cord wrap and a ball valve drain
  • This power tool delivers a maximum pressure of 135 PSI at a flow rate of 0.75


  • With a weight of 24 lbs and 9 inches width, this one represents the true picture of a good portable air compressor
  • The ball valve drain ensures the seamless draining of the tank
  •  Using the air compressor leaves little noise, and the 71dB rating confirms this.
  •  It comes with a set of quick couplers


  • The machine isn’t durable
  •  There have been reports of leaking tanks, faulty valves and broken regulators
  • The 1-gallon tank capacity limits the air compressor to simple chores

What Do Customers Say in Reviews

Products by the popular manufacturer DEWALT has become commonplace in homes and businesses. The affordability of the D55140 ensures this device is sold on a regular basis. A lot of customers have decried the quality of this portable air compressor. There were complaints of the tank leaking. Also, there have been reports of faulty regulators in the equipment. All of these weigh down on the rating of the power tool. However, the positives remarks still over whelm the negatives. Several users were satisfied with the low noise level, tank drain and the relatively small weight of the compressor.


Few air compressors are as affordable as the DEWALT D55140. It is not a power tool meant for heavy duty tasks. Its portable size, regulator, and non-oil dependence give it precedence over its rivals. However, the limited tank and the numerous durability issues have haunted this air machine.

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