California Air Tools 2010A Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Compressor Review

California Air Tools 2010A Ultra Quiet

Key features

Air compressors can often be too loud for the family, and even your neighbors. Taking in factor both the performance and noise output, you might want to check California Air Tools 2010A air compressor. It has an oil-free pump that reduces maintenance cost and a good 1 HP motor. The product is also ultra-quiet at only 60 dB, topping most that are out on the market. Adding to that, it has a large capacity with a 2.0 gallon aluminum tank.


  • Produces only 60 dB which is lesser than the volume of a regular conversation, making it convenient for everyone
  • Tank is made out of aluminum to prevent it from rusting
  • Weighs no more than 35 pounds for portability
  • Oil-free


  • Offers a year warranty, which is shorter compared to other competitive products
  • Too small to add an auto-drain valve feature that could have proven useful for users
  • Not powerful enough to tackle bigger compression jobs, including concrete siding

What Do Customers Say in Reviews

With just over a hundred reviews on Amazon, it does provide a little, but true insights on how the product actually fares, performance-wise. While some are acknowledging its durability, others are praising its noise output. Reading through most of them, it’s undoubtedly a top-rated quiet air compressor, taking into account all the factors that make it a good one. Of course, there are those who were unfortunate enough to have received product defects and experienced shipping problems. It is somewhat an unfair review as it can be replaced by a working one, in which according to the majority of the users, works great overall.


If you simply are planning on having a compressor for home use or small workshops, this could be it. If you do however plan on using it on heavy projects, you might want to go bigger. What most people don’t know is that air compressors can only provide a certain CFM and PSI, which is dependent on the design and power of the product.

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