Air Hawk Pro Cordless Air Compressor With Digital Pressure Gauge

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Portable Air Compressor

Key features

You never know when the need to inflate a flat tire arises, and what’s a better plan than having a portable cordless air compressor stashed in the trunk of your car? Air Hawk Pro is one with gauge where you can read its pressure. It is an easy-to-use automatic cordless tire inflator that weighs only around 3 pounds. The package includes a charger and rechargeable batteries. Unlike other products which are designed only for certain items, this model is designed to fit any air valve which makes it a competitive one.


  • Lighter than regular compressors, making it easy to operate and carry it around
  • Has an auto stop feature where you can set the preferred amount of pressure to prevent over filling


  • The included battery is not long-lasting and needs to be frequently charged
  • It may take a longer time to provide pressure than expected
  • It is not powerful enough to inflate high-pressured tires

<h2id=”What_Do_Customers_Say_in_Reviews”>What Do Customers Say in Reviews

Although the product received an overall approval rating of around 75%, it received a mix of customer reviews. Some claims it to be an easy-to-use and high-quality amazing model, but some say otherwise. Most of what you can get from the customer’s complaints are about the product’s battery, how slow it is, and its inability to inflate big tires. With a not-so-cheap price, we can probably assume that people expected more from it. Don’t let that stop you from buying it, however, the majority of its customers still say it as a working emergency auto stop tire inflator.


Air Hawk Pro is no doubt one of the good models currently on the market. It may not be the best one out there, but it still has gained our respect, considering its many satisfied users. While we do want to recommend you this product, we highly advise you to still check out some of our reviewed air compressors, to help you decide which one would better fit your needs.

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