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TOP 5 Quiet Air Compressor Reviews: What Is the Quietest Air Compressor on the Market

Not so long ago, air compressors are known to be too loud and usually lead to the inconvenience of both the family and neighbors. With the advancement of its technology, we are now fortunate enough to experience a low noise air compressor. What’s more, there is an array of selection to choose from. To help you narrow down your options, we took the liberty of doing deep market research and reading relevant reviews to provide you a list of the best quiet air compressors.

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Eagle EA-2000

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California CAT-1610A

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#5. Eagle EA-2000 Silent Portable Air Compressor

The quietest air compressor in our list

Eagle EA-2000 Silent Series 2000 Air Compressor

The Eagle EA-2000 is a mini, quiet portable air compressor with only a weight of around 25 pounds. It is designed with an oil-free double piston pump and a tank of 1 gallon capacity. It can provide a maximum of 125 PSI with its 3/4 HP, through the use of an electric power source.

The amazing thing about this small electric air compressor is its capability to produce only 44 decibels of the noise level. It is, in fact, the quietest air compressor among this list and Eagle EA-2000 is one of the best-rated air tools on the market. It is highly recommended if you’re planning on using it for small home projects. Not to mention, it only draws a very low 3.5 amps that would eventually prolong the life expectancy of the device. You should know, however, that it has a short power cord, making it troublesome at times. Also, it does not hold the pressure long enough when turned off. Overall, it is still a top-rated silent air compressor you can rely on.

#4. NEW Master Quiet Airbrush


Even with a tight budget, you’ll still be able to get a hold on a good air compressor. The Master Quiet Airbrush is one of the few that performs amazingly well for airbrush while taking the size of your wallet into consideration.

This quiet airbrush compressor not only is affordable, but it also is conveniently portable with its lightweight of 11 pounds and dimensions of 13.2 x 12.9 x 6.2 inches. It produces a very low noise level of only 59 dB. It is powered by a 1/6 HP motor through electricity and is able to reach 60 PSI. According to its consumer reports, it has an overall 80% approval rating. The other 20%, unfortunately, has something to say, mainly about its durability. Good thing there’s a 2-year warranty to add to its credibility.

#3. California Air Tools 2010A

California Silent Air Tools 2010A Ultra Quiet

California Air Tools have been known to be one of the leading manufacturers for air compressors, and this product just proves it to be so. It has an overall 90% approval rating from over hundreds of satisfied customers and is continuing to attract more customers.

This low dB machine produces only 60 dB of noise and is operating at a powerful 1 HP motor. It can operate on a 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI and 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI. It is also decently portable at 35 pounds and dimensions of 18.5 x 14 x 13.5 inches. To make it more convenient, the 2-gallon tank is made of aluminum and runs on an Oil-free pump reducing your overall costs and maintenance. But you should take note that it is not as durable as customers have wanted it to be.

#2. DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty

DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor

This is a good electrically powered, small and silent air compressor for home use. It weighs around 42 pounds and is standing at 21.6 x 17.4 x 13.8 inches. It may not be as cheap as the others on the list, but it offers more tank capacity at 2.5 gallons, and a more powerful motor running at 1.1 HP. That being said, it can reach up to a maximum of 200 PSI.

Other features include an easy-start-up and an oil-free pump for better maintenance. It has a decent 12-amp draw that adds to prolonged life expectancy and help reduces breaker tipping. It is also is considered to produce a low noise level of 71.5 dB, in comparison to regular compressors that usually reaches 80 dB similar to the noise level of a dishwasher. Moreover, the product also is designed with high torque, making it able to start below at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and reach up to 50 feet using an extension cord. Overall, it is one of the best small quiet air compressors on the market.

#1. California Air Tools CAT-1610A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

California Air Tools CAT-1610A Ultra Quiet

Yet another super quiet air compressor pump from California Air Tools, it only produces 60 dB of noise. It runs on powerful 1.0 HP motor while running, and can reach up to 2.0 HP at its peak. It has a 1.6-gallon aluminum tank installed, eliminating the risk of rusting. Similar to the other models on this list, it is very portable with a weight of only 37 pounds and a small design with 17 x 14 x 14 inches of dimensions.

This ultra quiet compressor is just one of the many good small air tools the company has to offer. To prolong its life, an oil-free pump is installed to reduce its required maintenance. If you want a reliable compressor for a garage workshop, this may be the answer you’re looking for. You should also note that the product runs on an electric power source at 110 V.

What You Must Know Before Making a Final Purchase

While PSI’s, CFM’s, portability, durability and of course their best price are amongst the key factors to consider before making a buy, there are little things people often ignore that could improve one’s experience in using them. Don’t make the same mistakes a lot of people have done by being too hasty on their purchases. Below, you’ll see a list of features you should consider to avoid any future concerns.

Noise Factor – As you may well know, compressors can be too loud and next thing you know, you have angry neighbors at your doorstep. Take note however, there is a high chance that the lesser the noise, the lesser the power of the machine. Don’t fall for false advertisements that claim to not produce any kind of noise, because there will always be.

Power source – Either gasoline or electrically powered, one should take into account the possibilities of power-interruptions, or using it in places where electricity is out of reach.

Usage – Consider what tools you’ll need a compressor for. May it be a nail gun, air hammers, paint sprayers, or grinders. These tools require a certain pressure or air volume. If one of your tools requires 3 CFM at 90 PSI, you probably should get one that could provide at least 4.5 CFM at 90 PSI.

Accessories – While some compressors are being sold for just the product itself, others include other tools and/or accessories such as hose, nailers, and more. It’s always nice to have an added bonus to your investment.

Tank Capacity – You probably don’t know this yet, but you can increase the storage capacity of your tanks by purchasing auxiliary air tanks. It would be a great upgrade if you could prolong the pressure a little more.

Brand – This may sound a little bit biased on some of the lesser known companies, but well-known brands have been on top a reason it can provide credibility over their countless competitors.

To summarize, you’ll need to know more about air compressors to avoid wasting your money on equipment that can’t handle your needs. Read a few customer reviews here and there to get an idea about a certain product. Good luck and may you have a lot of successful compressions.

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Dewalt vs. California Air Tools

These giants have been in competition for the best silent air compressors for years now, and while they do have their similarities, they also have their own differences. Dewalt may hold a bigger name than California Air Tools, but that’s because the former is not only manufacturing compressors but different kinds of power tools as well. California Air Tools, however, specializes in tools that require air. By doing a lot of research, we provide you the basic differences between these two big-named brands.

Noise Factor – Labeled as quiet or low noise compressors, California Air Tools take the lead with their very low noise producing products that normally goes around 60 decibels. Dewalt comes close but not close enough to call it a tie with their normal 70’ish decibels.

Selection – As stated earlier, Dewalt is not focused on just their air compressors and thus provide much fewer selections. California Air Tools have been providing its users more and more products each year. Depending on the usage, you’ll definitely find a good quality product worthy of your needs.

Performance – These two brands have little to no difference performance wise. They both are able to operate as intended, with only the common minor issues that can easily be fixed.

Portability – Not really an issue since both offer compact air compressors. In fact, it really comes down to only a few pounds of weight differences. Dewalt usually being the heavier one in comparison to their counterparts.

It all comes down to your preferences. Just like apples and oranges, they are similar in a way. They both have good reviews and good rating. With Dewalt, you probably are getting a sturdier product, which is one thing they are known for. California Air tools on the other hand; you’ll be getting a more thought-out product since it is their specialty for more than a decade.