Campbell Hausfeld CC2300 Rechargeable Inflator Review

Rechargeable_Air Compressor_Campbell Hausfeld CC2300

Key features

Lightweight is probably not the best of its trait at around 10 pounds, but that doesn’t stop Campbell Hausfeld compressor from being one of the best, high-quality rechargeable tire inflator on the market. While other brands are competing around portability, this product showcased helpful features such as a built-in power supply with a 12-Volt Power Outlet that could charge multiple 12-volt devices. Speaking of portability, it’s not shabby at all with its compact design and a grip-friendly carrying handle. Not to mention, it does provide 230 PSI which is considered a powerful one when talking about cordless compressors.


  • Have other features that could prove helpful besides inflating tires and mattresses, such as charging electronic devices and an easy-to-read gauge
  • The package already includes a sport’s ball needle and 2 inflator nozzles
  • Recommended by majority of its users as an emergency tire inflator


  • Heavier than most of its competitors
  • Not as durable as most would think. Maintenance still is a factor however
  • Don’t expect much of a fully-charged battery as it may be insufficient for bigger compressions

What Do Customers Say in Reviews

Just like any other product, Campbell Hausfeld cordless inflator received a mix of good and bad customer reviews. While some expressed their concerns of a bad battery life, most have nothing but good to voice out. These include its good price for its value, a good portable unit for pumping tires up, and a durable one that works pretty fast. Overall, it’d be safe to say that it is one of the best out there with its 86% approval rating from its firsthand users.


If you want extra added features on your battery-powered compressors, then this should be on top of your list. If not, it still is a good one to cross-off the list. It is an ideal pump for the basic necessities such as bicycle tires, automotive tires, sports balls, rafts, air mattresses, and others that needn’t be mentioned.

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