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The Best Air Compressors For Painting – TOP 5 Reviews

Do you want to paint your car, house or furniture? An air compressor is a versatile tool that you can use to paint anything you want. Most first-time buyers are overwhelmed with the many choices that are available. If you want to choose the best air compressor for painting there are many things that you need to consider before buying. Read the review, check the rating and cost before making the final choice.

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Industrial Air IL1682066.MNRead Review
Industrial Air ILA1883054Read Review

Puma Industries PK-6060V
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California Air Tools 5510SE Read Review
DEWALT D55146 Read Review

The Best Air Compressors For Painting Cars

Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon

Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon

If you are looking for an air compressor for painting cars, the Industrial Air IL1682066 is the right fit. It is an efficient compressor for car painting and is an ideal choice for small garages and shops. It is easy to operate and comes with a 20-gallon tank.

The heavy-duty induction motor provides maximum efficiency and performance. It is CSA and UL certified and this means it is a safe and high-quality compressor for painting car. The sight glass for oil checking makes it easy to keep an eye on oil level. Tank refill can be done easily and this makes it convenient to use.

Just like any other high-quality air compressor for painting cars it has an oil-lubricated pump with belt drive technology. This makes it more heat efficient compared to other systems. It is also equipped with working pressure gauges, tank, quick set regulator and a quick connect air outlet.


  • It is powerful and built to last
  • Easy to assemble
  • Efficient with low noise level


  • Portability is an issue due to its size
  • It doesn’t come with accessories

Even though it is not an air compressor for everyone, it offers good performance and solid value for money. If you need quality and power with low noise then this is a good choice. The compressor can also be used for motorcycle painting.

Industrial Air ILA1883054 30-Gallon

Industrial Air ILA1883054 30-Gallon

The Industrial Air ILA1883054 is one of the top-rated auto painting compressors available in the market. The dual voltage motor enables you to power the machine using a standard 120V outlet or 240V outlet. The motor with its efficient pump and air cylinder enhances its overall performance.

This model has a belt driven oil lubricated pump and this helps run the machine in a quiet and smooth manner. The compressor can supply a maximum air flow pressure of 155. Even though you don’t need such high pressure for spray painting, it can be useful when you paint other things.

The two pneumatic wheels make it completely mobile. This means you can maneuver it with ease. The vertical design of the unit helps save on storage space and makes transportation from one area of the workplace to the other easy. The crank iron body of the cylinder and pump ensures maximum durability.


  • The 30-gallon compressor is portable
  • The cast iron construction makes it durable
  • CSA and UL certified for safety and performance


  • Difficult to access to oil drain pump
  • It can take time to fill the tank

This air compressor is built to offer the most reliable and efficient performance. The construction is top grade and you can rely on it to serve you for many years.

Puma Industries PK-6060V

Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor

The PK-6060V is a single stage belt driven air compressor. This machine is quiet when running and the splash lubrication ensures it works smoothly. The cast iron pump is strong and durable. The oil lubrication prevents rust and increases its working lifespan.

The single-phase induction motors come equipped with overload protection. The portable units have an inbuilt pressure regulator and quick coupler. Pressure control of outlet air becomes easy due to this feature. It can produce quick pressure and this enables you to complete work fast.

The unit is made with a 60-gallon steel tank with 3 HP and 2-cylinder cast iron pump. It can be used in woodworking shops, automotive service, repair shops, farms and general maintenance shops. This makes it one of the most versatile auto painting air compressors available on the market.

It is easy to move the unit around from one place to the other as it has no flat tires and is equipped with steel wheels with ball bearings.


  • Powerful motor
  • Durable design
  • Vertical design makes it space efficient
  • Steel wheels with ball bearing make it mobile


  • Not a good choice for demanding applications
  • The on/off switch is not durable
  • No additional accessories are included

The PK-6060V is a good compressor for painting just about everything. The cheap automotive paint compressor is recommended for both home and professional applications. It is a good option if you are looking to buy a product on a budget.

The Best Air Compressors For Painting Furniture, Art & Crafts

California Air Tools 5510SE

California Air Tools 5510SE

The compressor design features an oil-free pump. This feature ensures that the compressor air stays clean and optimizes the operation. The low maintenance unit comes with a maximum pressure setting of 120 PSI. This oil-free model outperforms most machines in comparison when it comes to runtime and maintenance.

The cylinder and dual pistons are made from cast aluminium. The reed valves are made from stainless steel and this makes the machine durable. The motors hardly make any noise during operations and this makes it one of the best brands in quiet performance.

Check the compressor for HVLP spray gun as they usually operate at low pressure. The spray gun can be used to paint small items easily. The wheel kit makes it easy to move the machine around the house to paint furniture in different rooms. Airbrush painting on art and crafts is simple with this air tool.


  • Thermal overload protector
  • High pressure rating – 120 PSI
  • Quiet and powerful


  • Slightly heavy
  • Water separator not included
  • Location of the gauges makes them difficult to scan them easily

The 5510SE is a good quality air compressor for a variety of home and garage tasks. This high-quality model is quite versatile and affordable. It is extremely easy to move from one place to the other and this makes it a good choice for house painting.


DEWALT D55146 4-1_2-Gallon

Dewalt is a brand that is known for high craftsmanship and the air compressor doesn’t disappoint. The D55146 has a maximum tank pressure of 200 PSI. This can enable you to get consistent power to run a variety of applications.

One of the important aspects that had to be taken into account when choosing a compressor is how much air it can generate. The machine has enough power to give you the exact level of the needed performance.

The oil-free pump is convenient to use and easy to maintain. The high flow coupler enables maximum nailer performance. The collapsible handle and vertical design help save space for storage. The non-flat tires allow for easy transportation.


  • Ease of use with high output
  • High powered motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance


  • Not all components of the unit are durable
  • Location of the drain valve makes it necessary to hold the machine at a certain angle to drain the tank. This can be troublesome
  • Leakage trouble in some units

If you are looking for a high-powered compressor that is durable and portable then the D55146 is a good pick. For its output and performance, it is available at a best price compared to other machines in its category.

What Size Air Compressor For Painting Do You Need?

  • PSI & CFM Values

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is indicative of the pressure of the air that the compressor will be able to deliver to the air tools. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is relative to the flow of the mass of air that comes from the compressor.

The level of air pressure that the compressor is capable of delivering (PSI) and the velocity of air flow (CFM) are important considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing the correct size of the air tool.

One of the important things that you need to remember is that CFM without a proper PSI will be of no use. CFM will vary according to the PSI level. The importance of pressure is low when it comes to air brushing and spray painting, as it is usually more about volume.

If you have a small project, it is best to use a PSI of 10 – 15 with CFM of 1 – 2. Small compressors have smaller storage tanks and you will not be able to maintain air pressure continuously and this can pose a problem. If you are painting crafts and furniture, small equipment is a great option.

  • Moisture Traps & Regulators

Most of the consumer grade air compressors that are available on the market come with regulators that are installed at the pumps but you do need to remember that not all of them will have moisture traps.

The moisture separator or moisture trap helps remove condensation that builds up in the air that comes from the tank. If the moisture is not removed or trapped in a proper manner it can cause inconsistent paint jobs by creating bubbles. This can be a major problem when you are painting a car or other smooth surfaces.

The moisture trap can help prevent bubbles and you will be able to do a consistent paint job on any kind of surface. In addition to the regulator and gauge, it is advisable to choose a MAC valve. This can be attached to the end of the hose. You will be able to adjust and monitor the pressure coming from the gun using the valve.

Before you make the decision to purchase air compressors, it is advisable to read customer reviews before making the choice. The reviews by customers can enable you to make an informed decision.